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Constantin S. Manta

Constantin S. Manta

Founder & CEO
Tri-State Area LLC

Tri-State Area is a unique way to help you.

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Who we are. Tri-State Area is a family run real estate website, with a compact staff devoted to guide you in your real estate search. Traditional ways to search have changed. These days, it’s not just a simple search for a new home. Real estate opportunities are a diverse menu of new construction, renovated buildings, re-imagined industrial or commercial space, suburban and exurban communities, even rural housing. What’s more, the demand for nationwide relocation has sparked some real estate websites to grow into huge national and multi-national corporations. But large websites can’t always provide knowledgeable local information. We can. What we do. We think differently. Regionally. Our website lets you to search in a neighborhood or a wider region: the New York tri-state area. If you intend to be a property owner, or are already an owner, a real estate agent, lender, contractor, or real estate professional, we are a valuable source for worthwhile, practical, and informative help. How we work. We believe that people, not numbers, make the difference. Tri-State Area staff—our people—are also your neighbors. We live, shop, and worship where you do. Our children go to the same schools as yours. We know the area intimately. Our goal is to meet your needs and expectations, whatever it takes. We put service ahead of profit. Diverse. Regional. Knowledgeable. Tri-State Area: A unique way to help you.


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