10 Unexpected Benefits of Living in the Manhattan Financial District

10 Unexpected Benefits of Living in the Manhattan Financial District

Getting ready to move to NYC? First of all: congratulations! That said, make sure to do your research before choosing your neighborhood.

Sure, New York isn't short on great places to live. Battery Park City, Brighton, Bay Ridge, Cayuga Heights -- the list is endless. Well, one neighborhood that often gets neglected in this regard is the Manhattan Financial District.

Best known as FiDi, this area is a bustling center of commerce and business. It's home to Wall Street, the NY Stock Exchange, and the Federal Reserve Bank. This is why most people think of FiDi strictly as a business district.

The truth is, the Financial District is still a lovely place to reside in. If you need more convincing, here are 10 benefits of FiDi that you may not know about.

1. Shopping Options

It's no secret that NYC is the headquarters of many popular clothing designers. If you're interested in luxury items from the world's top brands, this is the place to be. Hermes on Board Street is a great example of a well-stocked boutique.

Looking for a more kiosk-driven shopping experience, with drinks and a sushi bar? The Fulton Center should have you covered. Meanwhile, Brookfield Place is a solid option if you're in the mood for a long day of shopping.

2. Fine Dining

FiDi is also home to many of the best bars and restaurants in Manhattan. Most of them are on Stone Street, the area's premier fine-dining hotspot. From Ulysses to Adrienne's Pizza Bar, this street offers a wide range of dining experiences.

Stone Street is also famous for its colorful origins. As the name implies, this was the first street in the city to get paved with stone, which happened back in 1658. These days, most tourists visit it to get a taste of its old-world charm.

3. Stunning Architecture

The Financial District contains works by some of the world's most renowned architects. No matter where you look, you'll see a sculpture that will take your breath away. Many of them are timeless classics, such as the Charging Bull.

In the mood for something a bit more contemporary? Make sure to check out Isamu Noguchi's iconic Red Cube and Jean Dubuffet's Group of Four Trees. Mark di Suvero's Joie de Vivre is also a must-see for any art enthusiast.

4. Taxi Availability

When it comes to pros and cons of living in New York, getting a cab is often a big con. Sure, hailing one when you don't need it is easy enough. When you're in a hurry, though, all the cabs seem to disappear from your vicinity.

In a business district such as FiDi, things are different. As soon as you step out of your apartment, you'll likely see a never-ending line of cabs across the street. They'll be there at all times, from early morning to late at night.

5. View from the Top

Much like the rest of NYC, skyscrapers are a defining feature of the Financial District. Most buildings in the area have accessible rooftops, and many feature bars and BBQ grills. Needless to say, the views are breathtaking.

If you want to go a step further, head to the Helipad. At most times of the day, you'll be able to catch a 15-30 minute guided helicopter tour. As they say, you haven't truly seen the Big Apple until you get a bird's eye view of it.

6. Luxury Apartments

Let's face it, most apartments in NYC are dark, cramped, and miserable. None of that has an effect on the prices, which remain astronomical. If you really want to get your money's worth, the Financial District is one of your best bets.

For example, take this 2-bedroom condo at 75 Wall Street. Great view, 10-foot ceiling, two bathrooms, and an actual hallway. There are plenty of places like this available for rent and sale in FiDi -- as long as you know where to look.

7. Short Commute

Other than being a great mall, the Fulton Center connects a plethora of subway lines. If you're going anywhere below 86th Street, you won't need to travel for more than 30 minutes. This comes in handy for reducing your commute time.

There's also the PATH station, which is only a 5-minute walk from the Fulton Center. If you need to travel to and from New Jersey, this is your best option. This station has had a lot of work done recently, and it looks better than ever.

8. Cheap Museums

If you're looking to relax in a crowd-free environment, consider going to a museum. For instance, the Museum of American Finance is a good place to learn about American economic and financial history. Plus, admission is a mere $8.

The Fraunces Tavern is another museum well worth visiting. It offers a range of exhibits celebrating Colonial/Revolutionary NYC history. Once you're done exploring, you can have brunch at the Tavern or visit the bar scene.

9. Walks by the Water

By settling in FiDi, you'll live by both the East and Hudson rivers. This is a lovely opportunity to enjoy a nice breeze, even if you don't own a boat. Piers 15 and 17 are particularly notable for being excellent walking spots.

Between the two, Pier 15 is the more touristy destination. Its revamped look always draws in a crowd, and it offers various boating and kayaking options. Pier 17 is a bit quieter, and it allows you to catch a view of the Statue of Liberty.

10. Historical Significance

Finally, the Financial District is very rich in history. We've already touched on the Stony Street, but some of the buildings in this area are even older. For example, the Trinity Church is something everyone should see from up close.

Of course, the list doesn't stop there. The City Hall and the Battery Maritime Building also qualify as architectural wonders. Despite the constant renovations, this district sure knows how to preserve its history.

More on the Manhattan Financial District

As you can see, the Manhattan Financial District is a great choice of residency for any lifestyle. In fact, it offers some of the best living spaces in Manhattan. In a borough so full of wonders and attractions, that says a lot.

Looking to rent or buy an apartment in the Financial District? We can help you find something to your liking at an affordable price! Here are our top listings.

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