Three electrical projects you can do yourself

Three electrical projects you can do yourself

Tackling electrical projects without the assistance of an electrician or professional can seem intimidating, even dangerous. Maybe hiring an electrician is not an option. If your electrical repair skills are above average, with enough research and understanding, there are projects dealing with electricity that you can handle on your own.  

Light fixture installation 

Installing a light fixture is something that you can do safely without harm to yourself or your home. Before you begin to be sure to shut off the power in the room where you ’ll do the work. This simple step ensures your safety. 

Some light fixture installations that you can complete are ceiling mounted lights, wall mounted lights, recessed lighting, and pendant lights. Learn which wire goes where, and why, and you’ll be successful with these projects. You might be able to ask at your hardware store about the wiring. 

Ceiling fan 

Installing ceiling fans is a very common electrical project that you can do. This is a weekend project because it can take some time. It’s very important before installing to consider the size and weight of the fixture. 

 You also want to make sure that the fan’s blades are the proper distance from the floor. The instructions that come with the fan should tell you the correct floor-to-blades measurement. 

Incidentally, if you install the fan too close to the ceiling, airflow is reduced and takes away the ability for the fan to cool the room efficiently.  

Doorbell chimes 

If you’ve recently discovered that your doorbell is either no longer ringing or the sound is getting dimmer, it’s time to replace the chimes. This is a fairly easy electrical project. 

Changing the sound of your doorbell or replacing a non-working doorbell requires only the removal of a couple of voltage wires. You can complete this project in a few hours. Successfully changing your doorbell just involves unscrewing a couple of screws. If you need assistance, the instructions that are included with the doorbell should help, or ask at the hardware store, or hardware section at your local do-it-yourself warehouse.  

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