Avoid these tourist traps when you visit New York 

Avoid these tourist traps when you visit New York 

New York City is famous for its tourism. There are places you should avoid as a tourist. Here are seven. 

1. Times Square 

Times Square is the ultimate tourist trap, packed with chain restaurants, overpriced souvenirs, and dozens of street performers. If you really can’t resist the bright lights and chaos, go once, but there’s very little reason to return.  

2. Central Park 

The 843 acres that make up Central Park are some of the most stunning in New York City. But, every tourist knows that, so the park is extremely crowded. For a more tranquil outdoor experience, head over the Brooklyn Bridge to the equally beautiful and less busy Prospect Park. 

3. Chrysler Building 

There are long lines and large fees, and for what? Sure, you’ll get a great view of the city, but any tall building will offer you the same. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a beautiful roof garden with amazing views. Head there instead. 

4. The Statue of Liberty 

There’s no need to take a pricey tour to see Lady Liberty. Instead, take the Staten Island ferry which offers great views without the $30 price tag. The journey also has spectacular views of the New York City skyline, so consider taking the trip at sunset. 

5. Rockefeller Center 

Countless movies have romanticized skating at Rockefeller Center and as such the rink is one of the city’s tourism hotspots. It can be extremely busy, instead go to Brookyln’s McCarren Rink. 

6. Museum of Modern Art 

MoMA is absolutely worth a visit, and it’s definitely worth paying for, so make sure you avoid their Free Fridays. Almost every tourist in New York City seems to be looking for a bargain, so the crowds can be unbearable.  

7. Tour buses 

They’re not technically a place, but tour buses are to be avoided. They do give you easy access to New York’s most famous locations, but it’s much cheaper and enjoyable to take a walking tour or hop on a Citi Bike to see the sights. 

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