Best and worst colors to use when you sell your home.

Best and worst colors to use when you sell your home.

You should think about how exterior and interior colors can affect the sale.  Will the color on the window shutters and living room walls encourage or deter potential home buyers? Perhaps you may want to update your colors.  

If you do, remember that there’s a marketing strategy in the colors you choose. What’s more, because you like the color of something, doesn’t mean that the next person moving in will like it. Consider some of the best and worst colors to use if you’re going to update when you put your home for sale. 

Exterior colors 

Most people don’t change the exterior color of their home, because it’s a big project.  Most likely you like the color it is now. Research shows that favorable color combinations for the exterior include white, gray, beige and taupe.  

Interior colors 

Overwhelming colors within the home include terracotta orange, dark brown, black and violet. These are really bold and dark colors that you shouldn’t use. If you are drawn to these colors, use them in warmer tones and definitely not on the walls. Instead, use them sparingly and on small surfaces. 


Neutral tones for interiors will always be winners. You don’t want to use darker colors in your bedroom or bathroom, Neutral colors work with the natural lighting in your home to increase and enhance the brightness of the space. 

A touch of color outside 

If you’d like to update the look of your exterior, add a colorful door and paint the outside shutters. You'll want to be mindful of the colors you choose. Think ahead. When you first move into a new home, be aware of the colors. You may want to update them so that if you sell your home at a later date, you’ll be ready. Splashes of color are a unique way to have your home stand out while selling. 

Blue is calming 

When choosing which shades of blue to use, you can almost never go wrong. Blue is one of the most calming shades to use on the walls in your home. Think of the peace and calm you feel when you stare at the water or the sky. This is what the right shade of blue within your home can also do to help the sale. Many home buyers will appreciate the calming (and persuasive) effects of blue paint within the home. 


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