Best places to live in Connecticut

Best places to live in Connecticut

Connecticut is surely one of the most charming states in America. With its rustic mixture of beautiful coastal towns and rural havens, Connecticut offers so much to love. Unlike many US states, this area of New England has access to the ocean, appealing to all surfers and sand lovers. Its placement on the Atlantic Coast tends to bring some harsh weather at times, but when the sun hits the surf, it’s glorious. 

Regardless of why, if you choose to live in this part of the world, there are some basic requirements to expect your new homestead should meet. Between access to good public schools, if you have young children, and easy access to commuter routes if you travel to work, there's a lot to keep in mind. 

With so many places to choose in this great state, here are just three of the best. 


Simsbury is a suburb of Hartford, the state capital. It's very common to find the suburb of the capital of a state on the top of such lists. As home to nearly 25,000 people, Simsbury is more than a suburb, it has a city feel to it. 

Real estate prices are pretty high here, which sets the tone for the rest of Connecticut. Given the size of the investment, you should shop around to find your perfect house. No hasty decisions here, if you will. There are some amazing New England-style homes in this area. Present residents, with their income averaging over $100,000 a year, have no reason for concern over the house prices and the cost of living.  

New Canaan 

New Canaan is in close competition to be the best place to live in Connecticut. The only thing keeping it a bit lower on the list is the price tag that comes with most homes. We’re talking seven figures. No doubt, this is an exclusive area. But that also means that the schools and the rest of the infrastructure are at the highest level.  

Old Greenwich 

If you’re seeking a quiet place to raise a family in a safe and clean upper-class neighborhood, Old Greenwich is just perfect. Locals would describe the place as peaceful and tranquil. The beach close at hand. The only arguable point is, once again, that it requires a hefty investment. Median monthly rent is $2,477, which is still considered worthy for an ultra-modern condo overlooking the coast.  

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