Best places to live in the Tri-State area

Best places to live in the Tri-State area

The Tri-State area has long been considered to be one of the most livable parts of the country. With its many independent living, senior apartments, and retirement communities, the Tri-State area obviously has a lot to offer to people from across the country, who might be looking to move. Abundance of housing options, great schools, and excellent connectivity, had ensured its high ranking on any list of most desirable places to live. Here we have some of the most popular places in the Tri-State area. 

A New Jersey borough, a New York Village, and a Hartford suburb are considered to be the best places. These places are listed by the criteria of economic and educational performance, affordability, convenience, safety and lifestyle, namely: North Arlington, New Jersey; Valley Stream, New York; and Manchester, Connecticut. 

North Arlington 

Just 15 miles from New York City, it is ideal for commuters, especially with its excellent schools and low crime rates. Having a small town feel, while still providing the benefits of living in a big city, is what puts North Arlington so high on this list. It’s a home to the New York Giants and New Jersey teams. North Arlington is sure to be loved if you’re a football fan. Riverside Country Park, with its tennis courts, a dog park, playground, and fitness center, lures residents to enjoy the outdoors. 

Valley Stream 

Located in Nassau County, has a reputation of being neat, clean and safe. It’s a diverse and middle-class town along the Nassau-Queens border in Long Island. Popular opinion among its residents is that Valley Stream is a friendly and welcoming community. Its position between two major highways and near Kennedy Airport, along with its Long Island Rail Road station, ensures the town’s easy access to transportation, which is a must for a town that aspires to rank this high on lists of most desirable places to live. 

Hendrickson Park and pool complex, nestled among 105 acres of parkland, is also one of the main reasons so many people enjoy living there. 


Even though Manchester  is a town in Hartford County, its farming roots are still evident. The surrounding area is rich in fun events and exciting places to visit. The town’s convenient location near the University of Connecticut and Bradley International Airport allows for very short commutes.  Manchester is a very diverse, with excellent schools and a welcoming environment.  

According to local, small business owners, the town provides good support , making them an important part of the community. Overall, it is commonly considered to be very safe, affordable, and great place to raise a family.  Its perfect distance from Hartford's nightlife ensures one can never be bored living there, while still having peace and quiet during the day, as well as relatively light traffic. 

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