Best plants for your apartment in New York

Best plants for your apartment in New York

Plants that clean the air of toxins, that don’t attract pests, and that don’t take up much space, can make your apartment feel alive and welcoming. Apartments with limited space or lack of natural sunlight can be a challenge. Choose plants that can survive these harsh conditions to thrive and add some greenery to your home. There are many house plants that are perfect for New York apartments. Here are some of them. 


Super low maintenance and extremely cute, succulents are a great choice to decorate your apartment.  You can choose from mini succulents potted in cute little cups or make your own arrangement and have them all planted together in a beautiful clay pot. Requiring watering only once a month and very little sunlight, these make excellent apartment plants. 

Snake Plant 

Seeking a beautiful and lush plant that is quite tolerant and can still survive some neglect? Look no further than the beautiful snake plant (Sanseveria Trifasciata.) This plant has a bonus. It will help to purify the air in your apartment by removing harmful toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene. Thriving in low light environments with little water makes this a great choice if  this is the first time you’re  planting. 


Who doesn’t want some lucky bamboo in the apartment adorning a table or sitting in its own corner? Bamboo in your home is said to have special feng shui properties to bring some positive vibrations to your home. Bamboo only needs water and shade, so find your special bamboo, place it in a significant place, and benefit from its low maintenance. 

Peace Lily 

The peace lily is a minimalists dream. Its long dark leaves and white blooms, sometimes has been referred to as the ‘’closet plant.” It requires minimal sun to stay alive because direct sunlight can actually cause some damage to its leaves. Without fail it will thrive in darker apartments. Just keep an eye on the leaves to make sure you are giving it enough water.  

Spider Plant 

Spider plants are lush, full and are easy to maintain. They may be one of the easiest indoor plants to keep alive. This plant has many benefits because it actively produces oxygen while it purifies air. As well, it absorbs harmful carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene.  

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