Best times to visit the Tri-State area

Best times to visit the Tri-State area

If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the Tri-State area at any time in the year, you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime. The Tri-State area has no shortage of splendid experiences to offer in all seasons.  Here are some brief examples.  

New York City 

Depending on your preferences the best time to visit New York City tends to be around the Christmas season.  During autumn is another choice. That's when the summer tourist crowds have dispersed and the harsh northeastern winds haven’t made it impossible to get outside for more than a few hours. New York City during Christmas is something that every person should see at least once in a lifetime. With all the lights and seasonal charm, the city is almost unrecognizable from its summer flare. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see some Christmas snow while sipping hot cocoa beneath the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. 

New Jersey 

While New York City hosts millions of visitors each year, the sprawling cities nearby shouldn’t be overlooked. Known as the “Garden State,” the best time to visit this lush state is from mid-October to mid-November when the leaves begin to change and before they begin to fall. It's an undeniable visual highlight. However, if you’re planning to visit Atlantic City then late spring or early summer is more suitable because it will still be warm enough to relax on some of the state’s well-known beaches. 


Although it may be the third smallest state in the US, the lush state of Connecticut boasts some of the loveliest state parks in the nation. Whether you’re taking a driving tour through the state’s beautiful landscape on your way to New York City or going to pick apples with your family at a local apple orchard, The Nutmeg State is most wonderful during autumn. During the fall season, you can enjoy homemade apple cider and even go hunting for pumpkins.  

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