Best websites to get design information

Best websites to get design information

Seeking to make some changes with your home interior design, but don’t know where to look? Sometimes thinking about it is overwhelming. There’s no shortage of amazing design firms and websites that can help spark some inspiration. Here are some that can help.  


‘’The New Way To Design Your Home’’ by Houzz, invites you to get inspired, browse products and find the professionals to help you make your interior design dreams come true. There are tons of photos to browse for ideas to refresh your kitchen and dining room areas, bed and bath, living room and outdoor spaces. Houzz not only has products for each of these rooms, but there's more: a home improvement section where you can look for lighting, paint, flooring, etc. If you’d like some help before finding a professional, join in on the Houzz discussion board for some advice. 

Coco Lapine Design  

If you're of a minimalist mindset and prefer bare walls and open space to cluttered overly decorated spaces, this website by Belgian designer Sarah Van Peteghem is a great place to begin. Soothing and calming design is her forte as she guides you through her design blog on how to decorate spaces using muted, but soothing color palettes. Minimalist never means boring, especially when it comes to interior design. You’re invited to gather design inspiration from the gorgeous photos that Sarah shares. 

Style by Emily Henderson 

Thinking of big design ideas, but are on a budget? Check out Emily’s interior design site as she gives you ideas for crisp, clean, bright, beautiful and everything in between. A prominent stylist and TV host, Emily gives you great tips, ideas, and resources to style your home just as you'd like.There’s even a style quiz to determine your home style. 

Ardesia Designs 

Simplistic, soothing to the eye and soul, and utilizing the bare minimum of accessories, this site is a minimalist’s dream. One of the projects on their site shows how they decorated an entire apartment building in one week keeping in mind a modern look with a limited budget. Browsing through the photos you wouldn’t know that there was a limited budget. Every single piece, down to the linens and kitchenware essentials was well thought out so the space could be move-in ready. Look to Ardesia for soothing and cozy minimalist design creativity. 



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