Constitution State Life: 7 of the Best Places to Live in Connecticut

Constitution State Life: 7 of the Best Places to Live in Connecticut

Sandwiched between Boston and New York City, Connecticut is a sought-after place to live thanks to its booming industries and beautiful scenery. Moving to this east coast state means you can benefit from its stunning nature, Atlantic coastline, and connections to major cities. 

Choosing from the best places to live in Connecticut is all about working out what your priorities are. Do you need to be able to get to NYC easily? Are weekends on the beach the top of your list? Whatever you're looking for, there's a location in Connecticut that you'll love to call home. 

Living in Connecticut gives you the option to live in the heart of a city, with a sea view or in a more rural location. This state is the 5th wealthiest in the US with a high average salary, excellent schools, and great healthcare. This makes it an ideal choice for families as well as those wanting beautiful landscapes but easy city connections. 

To help you decide where to live in Connecticut, we've put together this list of the seven best places in the state. Keep reading to discover where you should move to in Connecticut and start living the dream.  

1. Stamford

This popular city is a fantastic place to live with a little bit of everything. It's within commuting distance of New York City, taking around an hour by car and just over an hour on the regular train service. 

Stamford sits right on the coastline of Long Island Sound which is a big part of why this city is so special. You never need to go far to be in nature when you live here with places like Cove Island Park and Mianus River State Park. From sailing and sunbathing to hiking and biking, every activity you could imagine is available in Stamford. 

Home prices in Stamford are high due to its proximity to NYC but you get a lot for your money. With great schools, a thriving city to work and play in, and so much scenery, once you move to Stamford you'll never want to leave. 

2. Avon

There's a lot to take into consideration when choosing from the best towns in Connecticut but if you want a quiet life with access to a fun city, Avon is a brilliant location. 

This more rural community is ideal for families who want relaxed streets, a friendly neighborhood, and easy access to everything you need. Just outside the city of Hartford, you'll find yourself near Talcott Mountain State Park and plenty of natural scenery. 

Colonial and Cape Cod architecture is common with prices from $300,000 upward. 

3. Ridgefield

A little south of Danbury city, Ridgefield is another quiet community that's family-friendly and in stunning surroundings. It's within commuting distance of New York City but has a much more rural and community feel than Stamford to the south.

Right on the edge of the New York State border, Ridgefield is surrounded by forests, parks, and lakes. The town itself has everything you need without feeling too busy and for a bigger day out, heading into Danbury is quick. 

You'll find plenty of stunning colonial and Cape Cod homes in Ridgefield, all with large gardens and big driveways. 

4. Woodbridge

How does peaceful rural living with added beach and city sound to you? Too good to be true? Welcome to Woodbridge. 

This suburb of New Haven is just a short drive from the coast and the city, yet it has a friendly community and no end of outdoor space. When you live here, you're not just within easy reach of downtown New Haven. You can also reach the cities of Ansonia, Derby, and Shelton quickly. 

Homes are very affordable in Woodbridge compared to much of Connecticut and yet it has such great surroundings that it's one of the best places to live. 

5. West Hartford

This Hartford suburb has very affordable home prices and easy access to the great outdoors as well as downtown. Like the majority of Connecticut, West Hartford is a safe and friendly place to raise a family and it's perfect for commuting fast to downtown or New Haven. 

Hartford and its suburbs have great schools and the city is packed with things to do and parks to enjoy. Condos, ranch homes, and colonial styles are popular in West Hartford with prices from $200,000. 

6. Greenwich

The prices of homes in Greenwich are high but with good reason. This beautiful town just west of Stamford is perfect for commuting to NYC and is a wonderful place to live. 

Greenwich is a beautiful town filled with trees, parks, and is right on the Long Island Sound coastline. Working in NYC can be hectic and coming home to your new Greenwich home every night will be paradise. 

The town has excellent schools, museums, and a train station for easy access to the city. 

7. Westport

Westport is well known for having outstanding schools and with its coastline position, it's a brilliant place to raise a family in Connecticut. This pretty town is filled with shops, coffee houses, and natural beauty too. The Saugatuck River winds through the heart of the town and it's a relaxed place to live. 

Norwalk city is just down the road so it's an easy trip for work or fun. There are lots of parks and preserves within a short drive so getting outdoors for hiking and other activities is easy. 

Prices cover a wide range from $450,000 to over a million. With big gardens and a friendly atmosphere though, living in Westport is a wonderful experience. 

Choose From the Best Places to Live in Connecticut

Connecticut is known around the US for its low crime rate and high-quality schools, making it ideal for families. When you're looking for the best places to live in Connecticut, it's important to think about your budget and commute. 

If you work in New York City, choosing Stamford, Greenwich or even Ridgefield is a great option. New Haven and its suburbs is a beautiful, relaxing place to live while Avon gives you true peace and quiet. 

No matter where you want to start looking for your Connecticut dream home, you'll need a great agent. Use our Find an Agent search to get a real estate agent who knows Connecticut inside out and they'll help you get the home you've always wanted. 


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