Do you need a New York City ID card?


REAL ESTATE NEWS Do you need a New York City ID card?

Feeling a little perplexed about the new NYC Identification Card? What is it and how is it different and separate from your new driver’s license? As a new resident of New York City, it’s important to know that the ID card is not the same as a government-issued ID and will not take the place of your driver’s license. 

While IDNYC isn’t accepted as an official government ID, it is accepted as identification for use in city agencies, city schools and libraries and, most important, it works as identification with the city police.  

The new IDNYC has some other benefits that make it attractive—some perks that have been added as a bonus. There are deals on fitness facilities, entertainment discounts, deals for Zipcar rentals and free one-year membership to nearly 40 city museums. 

Something to keep in mind with the new IDNYC is that it does not function like a driver’s license and won’t assist you in obtaining one either. It doesn’t serve as an ID to show your legal drinking age at a bar and it will not get you on a plane: the Transportation Security Administration will not accept the IDNYC as a valid form of identification. 

Still confused? Here’s a little bit of background on why this type of an ID was initially created. Although it hasn’t been adopted throughout the nation, cities with a significant population of immigrants offer identification cards similar to the IDNYC card allowing access to city resources and to help new residents with opening bank accounts. 

The IDNYC is another way to welcome one and all. Having this type of an ID for all is a way to unite rather than separate. When you’re ready to apply for your own IDNYC, you may do so here




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