11 things you need to know before visiting NYC

11 things you need to know before visiting NYC

If it’s your first time visiting NYC, it’s wise to plan your activities to avoid being overwhelmed by the thousands of available options. 

Here are 11 things you need to know. 

1. Have a plan for getting to and from the airport 

Public transportation is the best option, but if you want to take a cab give yourself plenty of time and always use a licensed taxi. 

2. It’s not as dangerous as people think 

New York has a gritty reputation, but as long as you watch your belongings and use common sense you’ll be fine. 

3.  Airbnb’s are illegal 

If you’re staying with the owner for more than 30 days you’re fine, but for shorter stays, hotels are a place to stay. 

4. The subway is easy to use 

It’s often faster than taking a cab and it’s much cheaper, so take a train whenever you can.  

5. Sightseeing doesn’t have to break the bank 

There are tons of free things to see and do, and the New York CityPASS can save you money on paid attractions. 

6. Central Park is massive 

Don’t hit the usual tourist spots of the Mall and Bethesda Fountain. Instead, go in search of the John Lennon tribute or the waterfall. 

7. Look for cheap plays 

Broadway isn’t the only place to see a show: Playwrights Horizon and the Public Theatre are just two of the many cheaper alternatives. 

8. Get out of Manhattan 

Many visitors stick to Manhattan, but other boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens offer a completely different vibe that’s worth experiencing. 

9. Be smart with timing 

Avoid weekends for popular museums and sights, and always try to go early or late to avoid long lines. 

10. Learn to be patient 

Standing in line is part of the NYC experience, and if you haven’t made dinner reservations you can expect to wait 45 minutes at peak times. 

11. Public bathrooms are scarce 

They’re so scarce that local residents have their secret places that visitors don’t know about. If you see one, use it.   

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