Exposed! Five home-ownership myths that you shouldn’t believe 

Exposed! Five home-ownership myths that you shouldn’t believe 

While owning a home is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll have, you should be wary of the many myths that are common . Here are a five to start you thinking. 

1. Only homes in warm climates need roof vents 

Roof vents are useful because they remove humid air that has been festering in your house. Humidity build-up is common for houses in warmer, more tropical environments like Florida. But homes in New York City can benefit from ventilation, too. Good ventilation pushes ice and snow away from your home’s roof. If the ice sticks to the roof and melts, then freezes and melts again mold and mildew will grow, causing damage.  

2. Cutting grass shorter means mowing less often 

Grass blades need to soak up sunlight to grow. Don’t assume that if you mow your lawn shorter, then you won’t have to mow as often. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you mow the lawn too short then there won’t be enough grass to soak up the sunlight or even grow at all, leaving you with a brown, patchy yard.  

3. You can do whatever you want with your home 

There are several restrictions on what you can and can’t do to your home. Often, local ordinances define these restrictions. For example, if there’s a big tree in your yard blocking precious sunlight, you may not be able to just chop it down. If you’d like to change or paint something in your condo you’ll usually need to talk with your homeowners association or your co-op board. 

4. When the pipes are clogged, pour In a bottle of drain cleaner 

The unfortunate thing about drain cleaners, while they may seem wonderful on the surface, is that rarely ever to they unclog the entire drain. When this occurs the drain will stay partially clogged, and as a result, result in more clogged drains and more damage in the future. 

5. If your home increases in value you’ll keep the difference when you sell it 

If you’re home increases in value from when you bought it then you’ll most likely be able to earn more money when you sell it because the asking price will be higher. But, remember you’ll have to consider capital gains tax and perhaps other expenses as part of the sale 


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