Five elements of New England Style

Five elements of New England Style


Today we can see elements of New England Style applied everywhere around the world. Whenever a designer of a new home aspires for a sophisticated, yet simple, rustic look, we can expect some inspiration to be drawn from New England Style. It’s a homey, comfortable style that brings back memories of family vacations, where the decor compliments and embraces the surrounding landscape.  

There are many subgenres of this style, depending on where it's located, in the deep woodland or coastal shores, but we will address five of the elements that are common to all of them. 

1. Minimalistic architecture 

The decor of homes designed in the New England Style tends to be more minimal. The main focus is kept on the architectural elements. Woodwork is always at least partially exposed: the beams, wide plank floors, the windows; all these elements are often only minimally covered, if at all.  

2. Abundant gardens 

Tidy little gardens are a hint to tradition, to the time when people used to grow their own food. With its lush green foliage and banks of flowering shrubs, it's a classic and timeless style guaranteed to persist despite the ever-changing fashion in garden design. 

3. A central fireplace 

Fireplaces are irreplaceable when it comes to creating a cozy, comfy atmosphere in any home. Whether we’re accommodating our guests, or spending some quiet time reading a good book, a fireplace can help create a desirable intimate setting.  

Some homes have different heating systems. In those cases, installing a faux fireplace will help turn a room into a stylistic portrait. 

4. Low ceilings and exposed wooden beams 

This feature in modern New England Style is drawn directly from the crude, temporary structures of 1800’s New England. Those houses were small with very low ceilings to minimize the building time and the cost of both the construction and the heating. Today, modern houses mimic that element to create a visually warming and inviting space. 

5. Light and bright colors 

A light color scheme is at the very base of New England Style. From the natural-colored tongue-and-groove wooden floors, and the navy blue windows and doors, to the proverbial white picket fence, the New England Style palette is most often airy, light, and fresh. There is a definite penchant for stripes, gingham, and plaid. Those fabrics, or just the patterns usually found on them, can be seen everywhere, from the walls and the furniture to the curtains and the carpets used in New England-styled houses. 

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