Get rid of clutter. How to start and what to do

Get rid of clutter. How to start and what to do

Moving into a new space, creating some space to welcome in a new roommate, or if you just feel like doing some spring cleaning, a purge of your things is a definite must!  Figuring out where to start and what it is you would like to or need to get rid of can sometimes feel like a burden or even daunting. Even more so if you happen to be a low-key hoarder and you find that you’ve kept things from special events or old costumes. So that you can have an efficient and pain free purge, take a look at this handy step-by-step guide that will ease your anxiety as you begin to let it all go.  

How to start 

Go slow and begin small. Knowing where to begin is really the hardest part, but once you start, it all flows from there. Do not overwhelm yourself and try to tackle your entire apartment at once. Just begin by focusing on a small area or one of the rooms at a time. 

Really make it simple and easy on yourself by saying “Today I will clear the clutter from the kitchen counter where I keep old mail and menus I never use.” By beginning with a small and manageable task, this helps you get into the flow and gives you some motivation to complete the rest of your purge. 


It is essential to organize. Once you have your starting point, create a system of organization so you don’t get lost in all of your clutter. A great method to adopt as you sort through your clutter is to create piles: a pile for items to keep, a pile for items to toss and a pie for items to give away or sell. 

 Before putting an item into its pile, make sure you give it a good once-over and assess its value. For example, if you find a piece of clothing that you hardly ever wore and it looks brand new, place it in your giveaway or sell pile. It is definitely okay to toss out old mail and take-out menus without giving them much thought. Always go with your gut instincts and challenge yourself to make quick decisions. Since everything will already be in piles, you can make some minor adjustments later. 

Take photos 

Because some of your things will undoubtedly hold some sentimental value, it may feel strange to just toss them away. But, keep in mind that these pieces are taking up valuable space. Remember that you really haven’t used them in a long while. If you find some things that remind you of epic nights out or really amazing dates, just take pictures of them and let them go. You never know how much joy that old stuffed animal you won at the fair back in the day, will bring to a little kid today. The photo keeps the memory alive for you, but alleviates the space in your apartment. 

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