How to bring new life to your home

How to bring new life to your home

Spending an entire afternoon watching home repair or home upgrade shows will have you thinking you need a completely new house! Don’t despair. Just use these types of shows as inspiration. Then, find ways to do their suggestions yourself. Here are some of the best Do-It-Yourself projects to help give you creative ways to bring new life into your home. 

No china cabinet? No problem

Display your dishes in a unique and chic way with this DIY frame shelving unit. This will not only look amazing in your home but will be such a fun and rewarding weekend project. You have so many choices with this shelving unit. You can leave it raw or you can paint the shelves with a color or two. This might also serve as a good excuse to get some new dishes because they will now be on immaculate display. To see how to build it, highlight this link, right-click, and select Go to, in order to open it:

Wooden peg wall for shelving

Shelves are a staple DIY project and hack for your home. You may find you just don’t have enough space to display or store things, so adding shelves is the next best idea. Take advantage of unused wall space and recreate this wooden peg wall. This not only provides an instant update and new look to your walls but completely transforms blank wall space. Adding these pegged wood boards also gives you an excuse to reevaluate the paint color on your walls. You have the option to keep the wood in its raw form or paint the boards a color that works with the palette in your home. 

Use a ladder as hanging space 

Having a decorative ladder that you not only built and painted yourself that also serves as extra storage space is kind of the ultimate DIY. There are so many options with the finish on this ladder and then you get to decide where in your home you’ll place it. This looks like an easy enough DIY that you can complete over the weekend to have to decorate your space soon after. Hang plants, hats, jewelry or blankets. The possibilities are endless (keep in mind that this would also look incredible in a bathroom to hang towels.) 

Attach baskets to the wall in lieu of a linen closet 

To be honest, even if you do have a linen closet, this is a great DIY hack that will add a cozy look to your bathroom, especially if you have the wall space for it. Simple enough, you’ll just need to grab some of your favorite baskets of different sizes, attach them to the wall so they are sturdy enough to hold some towels and toiletries and there you go. This is also a great organization hack for small spaces and homes without a linen closet. Plus, it gives you an excuse to buy some new towels. 

DIY key holder 

Keeping your keys where you can easily find them is important. This DIY idea is brilliant! Why not let your imagination run wild and make a personalized key holder? There are so many ways to get creative with this idea: the possibilities are truly endless. This is a great home hack to keep your keys organized and in a fun space that you yourself have created. 

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