Homeowners: how to break some bad habits. And save money. 

Homeowners: how to break some bad habits. And save money. 

Maybe you don’t recognize them but you may have some little habits. That’s because they’re easy and they seem to make you happy.  But they may not be logical.  And they may add to your expenses. Here are some bad habits that you should break right now to really make you and your bank account happy. 

Long, hot showers 

Long steamy showers can feel really good when it’s cold outside, but they’re also a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Make sure you keep the exhaust fan on while you’re in the shower, use a little squeegee to wipe down the walls when you’re finished, and clean the grout in between your tiles every few months or so. Cleaning the grout regularly now, helps prevent having to redo and repair the tiles and grout later. 

Shutting the sun out 

Closing curtains on chilly winter days for some extra insulation may seem like a good idea, but it actually may keep your energy bills high. Let the sun come in to help warm your home. This helps to lower your heating cost. Let the sun shine in and it may help you avoid seasonal affective disorder, also called seasonal depression. Sunshine equals happiness and warmth, so let it in. 

Constant bargain shopping 

Getting a good deal can produce a rush of euphoria.  But cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Most times, buying cheap materials will often cost you more. Buy high quality appliances that come with a warranty and you’ll have to spend less for maintenance and repair.  Buy a better paint brush for your next do-it-yourself project so you won’t have to repaint a streaky wall.  

The dishwasher is half-full 

A dishwasher is an amazing time saving appliance.  But use it wisely. Fill it completely with kitchenware and then turn it on. Running the dishwasher while half-full uses the same amount of water as it does when it’s full. If you run it while half empty it’s a waste of water and electricity.  

Too much mulch 

Too much mulch is not a good thing. If  you pack it too tightly, it will actually suffocate your trees, leading to root rot and some unwelcome insects. Protect your trees by packing the mulch loosely so water can make its way to the trunk with ease. Trees are a great way to add property value and will save money on your energy bills, so treat your trees with respect. 

Remodel rampage 

You’ve just moved to your new house. Congratulations! But watching home remodeling shows has convinced you that you need to update right now. Wait. Hold off unless it really needs serious work. You should allow yourself  time in your new home to understand its little quirks before you begin any renovation. A six month period should do it. It’s better to know and understand your home before you do too much, too soon. 


Clutter. You know it’s bad, but somehow you just keep accumulating more things. Why keep things that you don’t use? You could donate them or get rid of them with a quick post on Facebook. Start small, one task at a time. Eventually, you’ll clear your clutter. 

It takes 21 days they say, to make or break a habit. So, be kind and be gentle with yourself as you rid yourself of the old and create new, good habits.  

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