How to build a temporary wall in your apartment

How to build a temporary wall in your apartment

Building temporary walls are serious home improvement projects. Creating space and separation where there once wasn’t any takes some creativity and permission. If you’re renting an apartment you’ll need to ensure that it’s okay with your landlord to erect any kind of temporary wall. Having some private space is very important, but so is getting your initial deposit back at the end of your lease. Here are some temporary wall solutions that you can use. 

Bookshelf walls 

Bookshelf walls are not only appealing to the eye, but serve two functions, decoration and to create separation within your living space. You can use these shelves for books, of course, but also use them to display any fun home decor you have. Bookshelf walls are a favorite because they provide storage options as well. A multi-purpose wall in a small space or a space in which you would like to create more room is a great option for home improvement. 

Partial walls 

A partial wall is one that does not connect to the ceiling of your unit. This option is often more preferable than a wall that goes from floor-to-ceiling, especially when you’re renting an apartment. 

Partial walls are installed with no screws or nails and while there is no door, there is an opening in the wall that lends to hanging a really fancy or fun curtain or tapestry in the proverbial doorway. Having no door isn’t so bad when you get to decorate the entrance to your room however you’d like. 

Pressurized walls 

Pressurized walls are also an option for a temporary solution. This wall goes floor-to-ceiling and has more of a “real” wall look. Because this wall is attached to the ceiling, it creates more privacy within your unit. Pressurized walls are installed in such a way that you will be able to take them down at the end of your lease and thus allow you to get your deposit back. Also installed without any nails or screws, this is one of the most preferable options, but also one of the most challenging to get approved by your landlord.  

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