How to entertain a guest in a small apartment 

How to entertain a guest in a small apartment 

Entertaining a house guest is one of the greatest things about having your own place, but it can be a challenge in a small apartment.  

Let these suggestions be your guideline. 

Provide a comfortable place to sleep 

Investing in a sofa bed can make your house guest feel much more at home in your apartment. If you rarely have people stay over then a good-quality inflatable mattress might be a more economical option. Just be sure that you have somewhere to store it. 

Create space and privacy 

Creating privacy in a small apartment can be difficult, but making room in a closet and the medicine cabinet means that your guests don’t have to live out of their suitcases. A privacy screen is a simple way to create a makeshift spare room, and a luggage rack will save them from having to get down on the floor to rummage through a bag every time they want to find a sweater or a fresh pair of socks. 

Offer towels and other items 

Having spare towels and linens will make your guests feel at home when they visit. It’s also a nice touch to provide bathrobes for your guests if you have only one bathroom. At least, you should treat yourself to a robe so your guests don’t have to see you dashing to the toilet in the middle of the night in your underwear. 

It’s also a sweet gesture to provide an eye mask and earplugs so your guests can enjoy a good night’s sleep, undisturbed. 

Give them easy access 

Avoid the awkwardness of your doorman who might interrogate your guests. Let him know ahead of time that they’re coming. If your entire building is small, it’s also a thoughtful gesture to let your neighbors know that you’ll have people staying over, too.  

You might also want to consider getting an extra set of keys made so that guests can come and go without you being the gatekeeper. 

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