How to get cozy this winter. Do you know the secrets?  

How to get cozy this winter. Do you know the secrets?  

When the weather turns cold, feeling comfortable is more than just increasing the heat.  Feeling cozy is should be your goal.  More than a state of mind, you can take action to feel warm and happy. Here are some suggestions that can help you start.  

Slip into a big sweater 

Sweaters immediately make you feel cozy, warm, and loved. There’s something comforting about an oversized sweater when the weather dips. Whether it’s cozy cashmere or warm wool, a good sweater is necessary when it’s cold. Be sure to pair your cozy knit with some fluffy warm socks. 

Light candles 

When you light candles it may not warm your space, but it may provide a pleasant atmosphere. Candles with warm scents like apple/cinnamon, vanilla, pine tree or any other warm scent always add an extra layer of down-home ambience. Keep different kinds of candles on hand and light them when you want to feel a little warmer within mellow surroundings.  

Bake something 

Baking during the cold weather months doesn’t have to just be reserved for the holidays. Baking makes you and those you are baking for feel really happy! Plus, it makes your home warm and smells really delicious: a subliminal delight. When it’s cold outside bake your favorite cookies, breads, and casseroles to add to the warmth inside.  

Play Games 

When it’s snowing or extremely cold, break out the board games. A good friendly game of Scrabble or Monopoly makes for a sheltering diversion. Pair that with some baked goods and light your scented candles to create a spectacular aura.  

Keep drinking 

Warm drinks are quintessential to staying cozy when it’s chilly outside. Hot apple cider, mulled wine, hot cocoa, and a hot toddy are best. Create with your own versions of these favorites and invite your friends to enjoy an afternoon of games and warm drinks. 

Throw on blankets 

The best way to stay cozy is with your favorite blanket or throw. Here’s a bonus. You’ll want a blanket you can throw on a chair or couch because it becomes a nice decorative accent, too. 

 Invite people  

Don’t shiver in the cold by yourself.  Invite your friends or family for a nice warm meal and rounds of warm drinks. Play games, watch movies and get under warm blankets to ride out snow days together. Life is more fun when you invite people to share a hot meal baked in your oven. 

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