How to get rid of cigarette smells in your home 

How to get rid of cigarette smells in your home 

If you smoke inside your house you should refresh the interior before you sell. The smell of cigarette smoke seems to linger forever, but removing this odor is not impossible. There are ways to eliminate the smell completely from your home. These steps can help.  

Clean the HVAC 

The first place to start is with your HVAC system. Be sure to clean every part, and especially change the filters. You can always hire professionals to do this for you, but it is easy enough to do on your own. Your HVAC is your central air system within the home and in order to rid the cigarette smells, you need to begin there. 

Wash walls and ceilings 

Wash your walls and ceilings with a 3:1 ratio of water to vinegar to help remove the cigarette smells. While you are scrubbing the walls and ceilings, it might be nice to prime the space for new paint. With time and patience you can obliterate cigarette odors and give your home a fresh new look.  

Change all light bulbs 

You know how dust settles on table tops and various surfaces. Know also that dust, which is circulated air mixed with cigarette smoke , settles on your old light bulbs. The heat from the light bulb can activate the smell that remains from smoking cigarettes. A simple fix? Replace all bulbs with new ones. 

Cleanse carpets with baking soda 

Smells from smoking cigarettes are captured on carpeted floors. Give the carpets a good wash with water and baking soda to deodorize, clean, and remove the smell of cigarette smoke.  

Wash the curtains 

Fabrics easily pick up and hold onto the smell from cigarettes. Washing curtains and any sofa covers helps to remove the smell. After washing the curtains, open the windows and let the fresh breeze hit them to further remove any leftover cigarette smells. 

Use an air purifier 

An air purifier is great to have on hand if someone is smoking within your home. As its name suggests, it helps to clean the air because it  helps remove the lasting smell of cigarette smoke. Place the purifier in the area where people smoke. 

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