How to hang objects on an exposed brick wall 

How to hang objects on an exposed brick wall 

It seems like forever that exposed brick walls have been a favorite NYC interior design feature, and properties that offer them are always in high demand. As great as they look, however, the thought of adding decoration to a brick wall is enough to instill fear into the heart of most homeowners. 

If you have basic DIY skills it’s really not difficult to hang photos, mirrors, and framed paintings to brick walls.  

You’ll need two things:  

Anchor screws 

Anchor screws look like regular screws but they have extra raised treads to help them cut into tough materials such as brick.  

A masonry drill bit 

A masonry drill bit has a special sharp tip better suited to hard materials. Using it with a hammer drill will save you time but a regular drill will do the job just as well.  

There are just four steps to hanging objects on an exposed brick wall: 

1. Mark your holes 

If possible, try to drill your holes in the mortar because it’s softer and easier to work with, but if you can’t, drill straight into the brick. 

2. Drill your holes 

Work slowly and keep your drill bit at a right angle to the wall. Make sure that your drill bit is one or two sizes smaller than your screws, otherwise, they’ll just fall out.  

3. Insert the screws 

Use the screwdriver attachment on your drill to insert the screws into your pre-drilled holes, leaving enough of the screw exposed to hang your item. If you’re using hooks with your screws, use a screwdriver to double check that they’re securely in place.  

4. Hang your item 

Most picture frames and mirrors will come with a hanger or eyelet that you can use to attach to your anchor screw. But, if there are none you’ll be able to find a selection of hangers in your local hardware store. 

If you’re only hanging light items, you can try brick clips, or “pinch hangers,” instead. They grip onto the edges of your brick to provide a hook to hang things from. 

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