How to increase the value of your home. For less than $100 to $5,000 plus.

How to increase the value of your home. For less than $100 to $5,000 plus.

Increasing your home’s value is something you will consider at some point to make your investment worth even more. No matter what your budget, you have plenty of options.  

$100 or less? Yes 

Yes, you can you increase your home’s value for under $100. If you are wondering where to begin, reach out to an interior designer and set up a meeting. Many of them offer free in-home consultation. An additional set of eyes to give you some insight on possibilities is always helpful. During this meeting, the designer should be able to provide professional guidance for some on-trend options available.  


How about adding in a money-saving luxury such as a new water filtration system? Certainly, this will cut down your cost of buying bottled water—and you’ll have a hand at saving the environment, too. The less plastic you buy is more help for the environment. Fact is, a water filtration system purifies your water and is fairly inexpensive to install. It’s also a nice little luxury to add to your kitchen. As well as a boost for your overall health.  


Deep cleaning your home is a great way to increase its value. Even if you clean regularly, you’re likely to miss a few dust-filled places every once in a while. Why not spend a few hundred dollars, hire a cleaning team and let them give your home a top-to-bottom deep clean? Not only will this alleviate you from having to do it yourself, but you can come home to a freshly cleaned home (that you’ll hopefully keep that way.) Nothing feels better than walking into and living in a really clean home. Treat yourself, too! 


Have you been walking on your carpets and thought that it’s time for some new flooring? Maybe you’re really sick of looking at the worn and frayed area rug that greets you each day.Take this opportunity to start replacing your carpets and rugs. Nothing will turn off a potential buyer more than a dirty, stained carpet. Go ahead and invest in new carpeting and new area rugs to give your place a new look and feel. 


Water heaters are a big deal and often a big expense to replace. If you happen to have an old fashioned water heater tank, opt to remove and replace your system with a tankless one. This will greatly increase your home value by saving energy and money. Anything eco-friendly updates your home and immediately increases its value. And will make your home attractive to potential buyers. 


Tired of looking up at your water-damaged or popcorn ceilings? Use your home improvement budget to get the popcorn finishing scraped off and smoothed out. The ceilings in homes are sometimes easily overlooked, so spend some time and money to update this feature of your home. You can easily add some crown molding or even box beams for a completely new look. 


Adding new lighting to your home is an instant way to increase its value. More lights and a brighter room equal more cheer and happiness. Well-lit rooms are more inviting and feel cozier. Having proper lighting, and enough of it, is something that home buyers look for, so it’s wise to invest in hiring an electrician who can bring your home lighting dreams to reality. 


When working with this budget, you can definitely have some kitchen or bathroom updates and upgrades completed. Don’t worry if you think your budget is small compared to what you’d like to update. Start small and go from there. Even small updates can make a huge impact by adding value to your home.


Custom shelving is possible when working with a budget of $5,000 or less. Having ample storage options is a great value that home buyers seek. Even more, ample storage is an outstanding way to upgrade your current storing space. New custom shelving in closets and the garage are not only a great way to organize what you already have, but offering more “closet space” is an exciting selling point for potential buyers.  

$5,000 and up 

After some years of weather and wear and tear, your home’s exterior is probably going to need an update. If you’ve already made interior upgrades, why not let the exterior reflect this, too? Adding a new coat of paint to your siding can completely transform and refresh your home’s look. Keep the paint color choice tasteful so as not to turn off your neighbors or potential home buyers. 

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