How to use basic home design principles 

How to use basic home design principles 

Knowing basic home design principles can really help you when you’re ready to redesign your home interior. Having an eye for design is a natural skill that some people have and others don’t. However, there are some simple design techniques, rules and principles to follow, that make sense.  


Lighting is everything. It’s something to take into consideration seriously with any home design. Optimizing natural light is the key and then adding different types of lighting to give each room depth and dimension. There are three basic types of lighting: ambient, accent, and task.  

While each of these seems self explanatory, you want to first begin with ambient lighting and then add accent and task lighting. You should layer your lighting so that it’s appealing to the eye and to your senses. You don’t want too much overhead lighting or too little accent lighting.  

Focal Point 

A room’s focal point is the thing that your eyes are drawn to when you first step into a room. When you’re designing your home interior, you want to make sure everything else around the focal point complements it in an effortlessly. For spaces with already built-in focal points such as a fireplace or a window with a gorgeous view, you know to start there and build around it.  

For rooms without built-in focal points, be creative and make one. You can easily use a large piece of art or an inherited piece of furniture for this room’s focal point. You can also paint just one wall a certain color and go from there. Possibilities are endless so use the fact that you get to create the room’s focal point to bring out the home designer in you. 

Negative space 

Many living spaces are full of negative space; you can utilize them or not. Negative space is not necessarily an invitation to immediately fill the space with clutter, but rather an option for you to creatively use the space wisely. Less is truly more and if you decide to decorate the negative space, do so intentionally. Sometimes negative space is there to just look great without anything in it.  

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