Increase your home’s value with these inexpensive improvements

Increase your home’s value with these inexpensive improvements

You’ve just purchased your home and are getting into the flow of mortgage payments and being a new homeowner. Maybe making home improvements isn’t the first thing on your mind, but you know there simple and inexpensive things you can do to upgrade its value It’s also a way to bring your home more in line with your tastes. Here are five affordable upgrades. 

Don’t ignore basic repairs 

Since it seems like such a small thing, you may consider a tear in the window screen or screen door, as something you will take care of later. The best way to keep your home looking and feeling new is by immediately fixing anything that breaks. Make a note of little things that can be fixed easily and take a weekend to do it yourself. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and you’ll keep your home looking new. 


Buying a gallon of paint, some rollers and drop cloths is a small investment. But a fresh coat of paint provides a big boost in the value of your home. Look at it this way: it’s a fun weekend project that can involve the whole family. Painting is an instant way to transform the look and feel of any room or even kitchen cabinets. 

Fixtures and hardware updates 

Your lighting fixtures, sink faucets, and doorknobs are little things that you notice, but often ignore because they’re too trivial to consider. But potential home buyers will notice them if and when you choose to sell your home. Updating leaking faucets will not only give your sinks a new look, but will save you money. Changing knobs on cabinets instantly updates their look. Upgrading to energy-saving light fixtures is always a good idea for increasing home value. 

Low-cost landscaping 

How can low-cost and landscaping even go together? Impossible? No. Possible? An emphatic Yes! Adding some new color and dimension to your yard with new shrubs and flowers is a great way to improve the exterior look of your home. Buying plants and greenery that is native to your area will not only save you money but don’t need any unusual care because they’re already acclimated to your area.  

New flooring 

When you think of installing new floors, it sounds like it won’t be affordable, but there are always options to suit many home improvement budgets. If you love the look of hardwood floors, but your budget doesn’t allow them, go with a laminate floor. Cork, carpet and vinyl flooring may bee options, depending on the climate in your area. 

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