Most wanted amenities in New York City 

Most wanted amenities in New York City 

New York City residential  buildings, especially newer ones, are packed with frills. If you’re moving into an expensive apartment building, you can expect to find a long list of amenities.  Roof decks, gyms, co-working spaces — even wine cellars and concierge services are commonplace. But what amenities do home searchers really crave? In which are they less interested?  

Pets vs. push-ups. What do renters really want?  

Most likely you’d prefer being allowed to keep pets over having access to a gym. 

It’s hardly surprising, given the craze for dogs and cats in this city: the most popular amenity in rental buildings is by far the ability to have pets. 

 Next is the requirement that the building should have a doorman and an elevator. Parking garage and furnishings are at the bottom of that list, because New York renters love their furry friends, place a huge value on convenience, hate walking up stairs and prefer having their own interior decorations to someone else’s. A garage? Many renters don’t own a car, nor do they intend to. 

What buyers want. 

If you’re buying a home, generally you’ll have somewhat different preferences than renters. Having a doorman is most popular. The ability to own pets is close behind, along with having an elevator. 

 You’re more likely to want a washer and dryer in your apartment than a community laundry room in the building. You probably have more of a fondness for fireplaces than renters have, with slightly warmer feelings about car ownership.  

So, the only amenities New Yorkers really want in their new place is a pet and not having to walk up stairs. Surprising enough, as many as two-thirds of New York City's newcomers are indifferent to the prospect of having a gym in the building. 

Drop needless, keep essential 

The real estate market in New York is so tight and hard, that you’d probably eliminate a lot of your wish-list amenities, just so that you could find something that meets your essential necessities.  

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