Moving? High anxiety vs. low pressure. You choose.

Moving? High anxiety vs. low pressure. You choose.

Moving can be stressful.  But there are ways to take the tension out so that you can enjoy the moment, embrace the change, and rejoice in the chance to start over.  Here’s help. 

Control time 

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to plan. When you do, plan at least eight weeks in advance. To hire movers for a summer move, plan twelve weeks ahead. 


Make a list of tasks to complete prior to moving. Have them organized by week to give you plenty of time. Start your list by dividing it into sections for the basics and then build your tasks from there. You can find examples of this organizational method online. 

Ask for help 

Most people are willing to help when you need it. Probably they’ve completed a move or two so they understand your difficulties. Make sure to reach out to friends and family for help with packing. This can be a really nice bonding experience, too. 

Go with the flow 

Prepare yourself for small challenges. Even if you’re the most organized person, unplanned things can be upsetting. So, be flexible.  Add extra time to your moving schedule so you can make adjustments, hassle free. No matter what happens. 

Say hello to the goodbyes 

This can be the fun part, but also emotional. Give yourself time to say goodbye to your close friends and family. Have a party. Or, gather friends together for dinners. Maybe relive your memories as you take walks through your neighborhood. The goal is to be relaxed about the transition, so give yourself time to say goodbye, and enjoy every moment. 

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