Never store these four things in your garage 

Never store these four things in your garage 

Your garage was designed to protect your car from the weather while it’s parked safely inside. But people also turn their garage into an extra storage room. While there are other items that you can easily keep in the garage for safe keeping, like bikes and toys, there are things you should never store inside of your garage. Here are four. 

Family photos 

Even if you think you’ve placed your photos in a safe container, you shouldn’t keep them in the garage. Heat and humidity can sneak in and ruin irreplaceable family photos. For these years of captured memories, find a more secure and out-of-the-way place. That way you can be sure they won’t be ruined.  


Storing any kind of food in your garage can invite many unwelcome pests and varmints. Even food that you may keep in an outdoor refrigerator or freezer is attractive to animals. As well, if you store canned food in the garage it will be affected by extreme hot and cold temperatures, causing the cans to burst open. You are better off storing all of your food within your home, rather than your garage. Pest safe containers are great for in-home food storage as well. 

Your pet 

Would you really keep the family dog in the garage all the time? The garage is not a place for your pets. Make a nice space within your home. Your pet will feel welcome and part of the family. Your garage can expose your pet to extreme changes in weather and is not healthy. 

Lawn mower 

Did you grow up with a lawn mower in the garage? Many people store their lawn mower in the garage for several reasons, such as lack of outdoor storage space or a wish to keep it safe inside. An outdoor shed or storage space is better suited for lawn mower storage. Covering the lawn mower with a fitted tarp while outside is a great way to preserve it. 

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