Outdoor features that will increase your home’s value  

Outdoor features that will increase your home’s value  

One way to boost the value of your home is to have attractive outdoor amenities and features for potential home buyers. Outdoor features have the potential to bump your home’s value by 10 percent over other listings. The more unique the outdoor feature, the greater the perceived value, thus providing a huge increase to your home’s value. 

Outdoor shower 

If you seek a big return on your investment, building an outdoor shower will do it. If your home is on or near water, outdoor showers have huge appeal.  They are a worthwhile investment for your home. There is something about the appeal of showering outside that people really love. Typically, if you’ve installed an exterior shower, then you probably have a beautifully manicured garden, patio and outdoor areas that invite privacy. 

Cooking area 

It’s not enough to have a fancy gas grill on your deck; you should have a designated outdoor cooking area that stands apart. This feature is appealing if you love to entertain and prefer to dine alfresco when the weather permits. Imagine the parties you can host and how creative you can be with the design of your exterior cooking area.  


Having a pool is indeed a wonderful luxury and one that gives an instant lift to your home’s value. A pool where you can plunge in to cool off from the day or larger pool where you can swim some laps are a great home improvement. The design of your exterior can have the outdoor cooking area easily blend in with the pool space. You’ll want to have plenty of room around the pool for people to relax, eat, and enjoy being outdoors. 

Fire pit 

A fire pit is just as amazing as having a pool and outdoor shower. Relaxing at night around the fire pit, under the stars, roasting marshmallows with your family are what dreams are made of. If you are ready to update the exterior of you home with a fire pit, do it. The addition of an outdoor fire pit is another feature that will give your home added value.  

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