Overlooked costs of renting a new apartment  

Overlooked costs of renting a new apartment  

Renting a new apartment in New York can be expensive. Unfortunately, there are probably one or two hidden costs that you missed. 

Here’s are some frequently overlooked costs of renting a new apartment in New York City.  


The act of moving will cost you money, and lots of it. If you plan to do everything yourself you’ll most likely need to hire a truck for the job. You’ll also need to buy packing materials, and the cost of those can add up very quickly. Or, you can pay a moving company to move you from your old apartment.  

Fixing up your new apartment 

Before you sign your lease take a careful look around the apartment and make sure that your landlord agrees to fix any defects before you move in. If you don’t, you may have to pay for leaky faucets and broken tiles, and more.  

As well, remember that it can cost between $150 and $300 a 100 square feet for painting, so if your walls have seen better days save some money by including a new paint job into your lease agreement. 

Renters insurance 

Some landlords require that you should have renters insurance, so read your contract carefully. Rates can vary depending on which area of New York you’re moving to, but plan for around $20 a month. Some insurers require full payment in advance, so keep that in mind while you’re deciding whether or not to splurge on a new couch for your new apartment. 

Making your house a home 

If you’re renting a larger apartment than you have now, remember that it’s not going to feel as cozy as your old place with just the furniture that you brought with you. Buying new furnishings to fill a larger space can be pricey, so keep aside some of your budget for this purpose.  

Fixing frustrating “quirks” 

Every home has its own annoyances, and fixing them can be an expensive. For example, if your new place has low water pressure it can cost hundreds of dollars to fix. You should prepare to choose between living with minor irritations and paying a lot of money to fix them. 

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