People move from New York City to Los Angeles for warm weather, not cheaper housing 

People move from New York City to Los Angeles for warm weather, not cheaper housing 

New Yorkers are known to frequently cite the city’s high cost of living as a reason to leave.  

We can almost state that switching homes is a habit for New Yorkers. Surveys have shown that one out of three city residents recently said that they’d like to move elsewhere in the upcoming year. Just short of one million people leave the city every year, to find a new home.  

More than 400,000 of them move to another county, almost 300,000 move to suburbs in the greater NYC area, and almost 200,000 move to another state. 

Why are they leaving, what is the deciding factor?Most people surveyed in the study said that their primary motivation in moving was to buy a home or live in one with more space, and cited the high cost of living in New York as a top reason for leaving. 

But once they leave, they are most likely to move to the wealthiest, most expensive counties across the country — usually to suburbs in New York or New Jersey. 

Second on the list of popular moving spots are the most expensive big cities in high-tax states, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. 

In fact, 90 percent of New Yorkers move to counties within the top quintile of housing costs across the country. 

People from different boroughs leave to go to different places. There’s a pattern for that. Manhattanites, for example, prefer moving to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Cook counties, rather than to nearby Fairfield, Bergen, and Nassau counties. 

Residents of the Bronx and Staten Island tend to stay in their respective boroughs, or at least stay in East Coast suburbs when they do. Queens residents usually move to Florida, Texas, and Arizona — states with no or low income taxes. Brooklynites are the most versatile ones in their moving preferences, choosing Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, and San Francisco. 

Still, Los Angeles County is the most popular destination for New Yorkers, other than those in nearby suburbs in New York and New Jersey. With its warm climate, vast natural landscapes, declining gas prices, and booming arts scenes, it’s not surprising that Los Angeles appeals to New Yorkers. 

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