Re-design your house room by room 

Re-design your house room by room 

When considering any upgrades to your current home, it’s best to divide this task into room by room segments so that you don’t feel, or become overwhelmed. There are plenty of online interior design tips to follow when you’re ready. Updating the entire design of your home and breaking it into small goals means that this project won’t take over your life.  

Remodel your basement 

Either your basement is in livable condition or it’s not. It may feel like a big and daunting task to remodel it, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of leaving the basement for the very last upgrade, choose to start with it. 

Most basements are cluttered, dark spaces where it never seems to be warm and inviting. They don’t have to stay that way. By remodeling your basement, you’re integrating it with your entire home and turning the space into something that’s beautiful (and that will increase your home value, too.) 

Spruce up your entryway 

The entryway is the first thing that you and any guests see upon entering your home. You want make it welcoming, free of clutter and not too overwhelming. Your design tastes will dictate how far you’ll go when redesigning this area of your home. So, have fun with it! 

Well-organized entryways feel far more inviting and are more welcoming to guests. Take care to let your own personal style be reflected in your design. Remember to add function to that style. Ultimately, your entryway should make anyone, including you, feel happy and comfortable immediately. 

Update your living room 

When you are ready for a change in your living room, but not sure where to begin, start small. Those small changes will have a big impact when you’re finished. Living room updates are the ultimate in dividing tasks into manageable pieces. They’re so much easier to tackle when done piece by piece. 

 One design tip is to utilize slipcovers over older couches, to give them an instantly updated look. 

 Choose to contain your clutter by building additional shelves or creating built-in shelving. 

 Your coffee table is typically the centerpiece of your living room. Changing what you have displayed on the coffee table can be an instant design improvement. Other quick home improvement updates include a new coat of paint on the walls, an update to any displayed art and adding a new rug. 

Remodel your master bedroom 

For any number of reasons, you may want to remodel and update your master bedroom. Maybe you’re tired of the color of the walls or you’re tired looking at the same patterned wallpaper every day. Maybe the carpet in your room no longer feels cozy and warm or is in dire need of replacing. Perhaps you’re feeling too cramped want to create the look of more space. The possibilities are endless when upgrading. Know that any changes that you make within this room will provide a retreat for your senses and added value to your home. 

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