Keep these things in mind before closing on your property

Keep these things in mind before closing on your property

So you’ve finally gotten through the hardest part of finding your new home and are ready to finalize the deal. While you’ve reached an agreement with the sellers and you’re eager to move forward with the property it’s important not to rush the closing. You’ll want to make sure everything is in proper order before you sign the final documents. 

Read the contract thoroughly. Again.

One of the most important things you’ll need to do is go through the contract again either on your own or with your agent if you have one. A good agent will read all the fine print in order to make sure that everything you agreed to is stated clearly. 

For example, if part of the agreement includes certain pieces of furniture with the sale of the home or making sure the heating, air conditioning, and overall ventilation are working properly then you’ll want to ascertain that none of those qualifications are left out of the agreement. 

Check for repairs. Make sure everything works

You’ll want to verify that all the hot water heaters are working because if they aren’t and you sign the agreement it will be your responsibility to have them fixed. You shouldn’t have to incur these additional costs.  

What’s more, you will want to confirm that any appliances included in the sale are in good, working condition. For example, if that fancy espresso machine is included in your purchase you should try it. Make a cup of coffee before signing the agreement to check that it’s worth including in the agreement. The same goes for the refrigerator and any other appliances. They may have lost value or become unusable over time. 

As well, you’ll want to be certain that all the home repairs you agreed on during negotiations have been made. It’s in your best interest to request receipts for every repair so you can trust that they were paid for and completed properly. 

Take a final walk-through

Make sure that the previous owners have not left behind any of their personal items or it will be your responsibility to have them returned to them after you buy the home. 


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