Rent a one-bedroom or a studio apartment? How to decide 

Rent a one-bedroom or a studio apartment? How to decide 

Both a one-bedroom and a studio have positives and pluses, but choosing which is best for you will take some decision making. When you think of a one bedroom you immediately think of an enclosed sleeping room. A studio usually means an open floor plan; it’s just one room.  Here are some main differences between them. 

One Bedroom  

Generally speaking a one bedroom apartment will contain a single room that has the following characteristics: 

  • A minimum of 70-80 square feet 

  • Has two ways out of the room for safety reasons 

  • A ceiling that is at least 7 feet high 

  • A window that is at least 6 square feet 

  • Has the ability to heat and cool the room with either a heater, an a/c unit, or a window that opens 

Most one bedroom places have a separate kitchen along with a living room, a bathroom and a closet in the room. One bedroom apartments give you more space and a sense of separation between your sleeping and cooking area.  


The basic difference between a studio and one bedroom is the lack of a separate bedroom. A studio combines the bedroom, kitchen, and living room into one open floor plan. Typically, the only other enclosed room within a studio is the bathroom. 

The design of studios can be pretty creative. Some offering a loft. Even though it is a way for the sleeping area to be somewhat separate, it’s still not considered a bedroom because it isn’t enclosed. Since there is an open floor plan, some can be quite large and afford you the option to create separate areas.  

Ultimately the decision comes down to form and function. A studio comes with full-size appliances so you’ll have the convenience that they offer. If you’re focused on a minimalist lifestyle, a studio allows you to be creative. Although a one bedroom apartment provides you with separate rooms, actually it can be smaller than a studio.  

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