Seven amazing color palettes to update your living space


REAL ESTATE NEWS Seven amazing color palettes to update your living space

Feeling like you’d like to update your living space with some different colors or patterns but don’t know where to start? Are you ready to try some risky, yet completely amazing color palettes to set your interior design apart? Take a look at these 7 color palette combinations that will completely update your home and give it a fresh and cozy makeover. 


Bright colors  

Bright colors are an awesome way to bring fresh, new energy to a room. There is something that just feels happy when you walk into a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom with bright, yummy citrus colors as accents.  


Turquoise and Tangerine 


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This color combination is relaxing and fresh and probably reminds you of one of your favorite travel destinations. This hue of turquoise is extremely comforting and calming to the senses while the pop of the tangerine adds a unique and fresh feel.  







Lime Green and Citrus Yellow 


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Lime green and citrus yellow is a very brave color choice. It's also super vibrant and will immediately energize your home.  The color yellow evokes so many feelings of happiness and joy, so imagine walking into your newly redesigned home and having this beautiful color greet you each day. The green is equally just as happy a color and fresh. Using this color palette will lift the vibes of whichever room you choose to design. 


Bright Orange and Hot Pink 


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Bright orange and hot pink are best used against a solid white backdrop. These two colors are beautifully bold and deserve to stand out and be highlighted. Using a bright orange and hot pink palette is a bold move that will pay off. Your spirits will be lifted each time you walk into the room with these two colors used as accents.  




Earthy and Cozy Colors 



Red + Olive green + Brown 


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Combining red with olive green and brown is a perfect way to make your home feel cozy and lived in. These soothing colors are inviting and bring you feelings of comfort. They give you an excuse to stay in one room all day, sitting on the couch, snugly wrapped in a blanket. 


Burgundy + Hot Pink + Autumn Yellow 


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Another super inviting and ultimately welcoming color palette is to combine burgundy with hot pink and autumn yellow. It’s vibrant, yet still subtle and soft. The hot pink accent effortlessly flows into the burgundy and almost mustard yellow.  


Wine and Rust 


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Wine and rust are deeply saturated warm jewel tones that instantly make your place homey. These warm colors invite you to delve deep into a book all Saturday afternoon while you sit all toasty on the sofa. Deep colors like these bring peace, calm, and neutrality to your home.  




Aqua + Ruby Red 


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Vivacious and tranquil, grounding and uplifting. Combining ruby red with aqua is a great choice to update your work or reading space in your home. The color palette generates a fresh and calming energy.  


Navy Blue + Coral 



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Using a light coral as a neutral and adding deep hues of navy blue bring a beautiful balance to a bedroom space. The navy blue invites you to get comfortable and the light coral brings a freshness, lifting the heaviness of the navy blue. A great palette to choose for a guest bedroom. 


Ultimately, the choice of a color palette is all about the feelings these colors give you and how they make you feel when you walk into a room. Choose wisely, but don’t play it too safe. Try some of these amazing color combinations to give your home’s interior design a major upgrade. 

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