Seven signs that you grew up in the Tri-State area 

Seven signs that you grew up in the Tri-State area 

The Tri-State area is the perfect combination of being close to New York City while having a more relaxed lifestyle. The areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are especially idyllic, and if you were lucky enough to grow up there, there are a few tell-tale signs that will give you away every single time. 

You know great food 

You know that the best bagels come from New York City, and you feel pity for everyone who grew up going to chain pizzerias. Tri-State food is awesome, and you know it. 

Sport is life 

Picking your teams is tricky in the Tri-State area, and you’re all-too-familiar with the Mets/Yankees, Islanders/Rangers, and Jets/Giants question. You also know that you’re in trouble if you don’t have an answer. 

It annoys you when people assume you’re rich 

People think that you’re loaded and have the attitude to match when really you get $20 mani/pedis rather than the $50 NYC version. The reality is that not everyone in the Tri-State area is super rich. 

You don’t trust landlocked states 

Spending summers on Long Island and New Jersey beaches, you know that true happiness means being by the ocean. Landlocked states make you nervous and you could never live in one.   

New York City is your playground 

You grew up with New York City in your backyard and would head there whenever you and your friends were a little bored. You probably also have terrible flashbacks of traffic jams when driving into NYC! 

You know the drunk train all-too-well 

You’ll have taken the last train home from NYC more times than you care to remember. You probably missed it once or twice too, and had to sleep on the floor of Grand Central or Penn Station. 

You’re probably Jewish… 

...and if you’re not you’ll most likely have lots of Jewish friends and will have attended your fair share of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs during your childhood. You’ll also probably have at least one quintessential Italian friend whose family throws the best parties with the greatest food. 

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