Six things you need to know before moving to New York City


MARKET TRENDS Six things you need to know before moving to New York City

So you’ve finally taken one of the biggest steps of your life and decided to move to New York City. While the dazzling city, that nearly ten million people call home, is waiting for you to explore its beautiful parks and lively cafes there are some useful things you should know before settling into your new home.  

1. You'll always have the chance to exercise 

For starters, you'll do a lot of walking, and as a result, there's no need to join a gym. The city is so sprawling and alive that you will have the opportunity to exercise daily. Whether you are walking to Manhattan’s East Village or taking a stroll through Central Park, the chance to breathe some fresh air and burn some calories along the way will always be an option.  

2. It really has the world’s best pizza 

It seems that in New York City there is a pizza parlor on every corner, each one serving some different varieties of pizza and claiming to be the “world’s best pizza.” From Chicago-style deep dish pizzas to thin and crispy Sicilian ones, New York City really does have some of the most delicious pizza on earth. Whatever you do, don’t miss Joe’s Pizza on Carmine Street for one of the most amazing late night snacks you’ve ever tasted. 

3. You'll use apps for almost everything 

Because of its population and extensive transportation system, running around the Big Apple can be a challenging, even daunting task. Most New Yorkers these days have begun using apps for everything from food deliveries to taxis. With apps like Uber and Seamless, you’ll be able to satisfy your most basic needs without succumbing to the inevitable stress of the bustling city. 

4. Keep it local 

Inevitably, the small areas around where you live and where you work will be the places you spend 90 percent of your time. When moving to New York City you’ll want to make sure you pick an area to live in that matches your style because, after all, there’s no need to go to a coffee shop or a bar in Brooklyn when you’re living in Midtown Manhattan. Just be aware, that all the New York City neighborhoods are unique and each one has those special, hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. 

5. You'll meet new people all the time 

It seems that New York City is the one place in the world where you can meet new people at any moment. While it is considered to be one of the most diverse cities in the world don’t be surprised if you make friends who come from everywhere—from France to China. Whether you meet people at the park or at a party it really is the best city to meet someone new. 

6. Entertainment 

Like every other place in the world, entertainment can either be bought or be free. Fortunately, New York City is one of the most entertaining cities in the world. From concerts to Broadway shows there is no shortage of things to do. While many of the more popular entertainment venues, like Madison Square Garden, will charge heaps of money to see a concert you can always find those little gems like Fat Cat, where you can enjoy free live music late into the night. 

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