The new neighborhood rules. Do you know them?  

The new neighborhood rules. Do you know them?  

It used to be that you knew your neighbors and, when necessary, you would look out for one another. But it seems those times have changed. Gone are friendly waves and smiles. They’ve been replaced with downcast eyes, avoiding eye contact altogether. Most neighbors don’t even know one another by name anymore. Such a big change has also caused changes in neighborly etiquette over the years. Here are some of the newly developed etiquette rules to remember. 

Just dropping by 

Catching your neighbors off guard by just popping up is not something that just happens anymore. With the development of social media and technology, many people are disconnected from human interaction.  They prefer to communicate digitally. They’re not used to someone just showing up without at least a text or an explicit invitation. If you think about it, just showing up to return something borrowed doesn’t give your neighbors time to gather themselves together before opening the door. So next time you want to just drop by, think about sending a text message first as a simple, neighborly, courtesy. 

Spare key 

It’s not so common to give a trusted neighbor an extra copy of your key anymore. Instead of keys there are alarm codes and passwords. It’s always good to have a trusted neighbor to whom you can give this information in case of an emergency. If that happens, a neighbor who has your garage and home alarm codes can help. So it’s best to develop a good relationship with a dependable neighbor. This works vice versa as well for you to be the good neighbor to step in and help no matter if the emergency is major or minor. 

Home Construction 

If you’re having major construction or remodeling to your home, it can disrupt the peace and quiet of your neighbors, even the entire neighborhood. As a courtesy, it is almost required of you to alert your neighbors of impending noise that  accompanies construction or remodeling. This applies to the influx of vehicles and extra people. Your home remodeling is not just your business anymore, it’s the whole neighborhood’s.  

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