The ultimate in designing your new home: how to utilize an open space  

The ultimate in designing your new home: how to utilize an open space  

Figuring out ways to make the most out of an open space floor plan takes some planning, guidance, and an open mind. This is the time to be super creative with how you’ll organize your new space.  It can seem daunting — there are no hallways or walls already defining the space.  You have a blank canvas. Intimidating? No, just think positively. Now, you get to create the exact layout, the exact space, you want. 

While you design and divide your open space keep in mind those areas that are full of the best light and the best views. These should be reserved for where you’ll spend the majority of your time, for example, the living area or kitchen. 

Use furniture to create space for specific functions such as watching TV or perhaps plan a little nook for reading. Use temporary walls or screens to create private space for your closet and for long term storage. 

There are plenty of things to think about. From area rugs, to tables and temporary walls, you’ll want to make the most out of your open floor plan. 

Before you start, think about how you’ll use the space 

Without doors and hallways already directing which way you and your guests will go, you’ll need to decide how you’d like your open space to flow. Remember, you decide what goes where and why. 

Take some time with your design to make sure it flows and is cohesive to an open floor plan. The main goal is not to clutter it with things, but rather to make functioning sections delineate separate areas. 

Two things to think about and take into consideration: you want to create zones for specific functions, and you’ll want to define separate spaces clearly. One way to easily accomplish this is the use of different sizes and colors of area rugs. 

Use partial walls 

Partial walls, not touching the ceiling are a great way to keep the space feeling open and not shut off. You can get extremely creative in how and where you choose to add a temporary wall. You want to keep the space with feel open, but, of course, it’s necessary to have some areas with a bit of privacy. 

 Another way to accomplish this is to hang curtains from the ceiling to divide areas. This is a fun and easy way to add separation to your open floor plan. And curtains can be temporary; you have built-in flexibility. 

Use your furniture 

Using that inherited table from your grandmother or your favorite dresser as a way to separate spaces is a great idea. A dining room table set up with chairs and near the kitchen clearly shows that’s the place to eat and have dinner parties. Using bigger pieces of furniture to create separate areas works well for where you will be sleeping. Maybe you can even build a closet space with do-it-yourself shelving and then add your dresser as the base. 

There are many ways to be creative with an open floor plan, so don’t shy away from a place just because it is not already separated by walls and doors. Take this opportunity to feng shui your living space into all you’ve ever imagined.  

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