There are many ways to make your home worth more. Here are seven.

There are many ways to make your home worth more.  Here are seven.

1. Install new windows 

Did you know that on the average, about 30% of energy in your house is literally thrown out of the window. If you don’t have energy efficient windows, you’re literally tossing money each month through the windows. Installing new windows will not only save on your electric bills, but will be  more appealing to future home buyers because it shows that you’ve chosen to take good care of your home. 

2. Put in a bathtub 

Who doesn’t like taking relaxing bubble baths? Some homes don’t even have the option of a sit-down bathtub, so upgrading an existing tub-less bathroom with a new bath is a great way to increase your home’s value.  

3. Remodel your kitchen 

A large kitchen is a beautiful part of a home. If your kitchen is feeling too small and too outdated, increase the size of the kitchen by extending it out into your yard. A bigger kitchen means a more valuable home. 

Remodeling your kitchen is a big investment.  But it’s priceless in comparison with trying to sell a home with an old kitchen. New updates to cabinets and appliances and an increase in the size is an instant increase in the value of your home. 

4. Replace your roof 

Replacing a worn and shabby rooftop is an investment that is worth your time and money. Tattered roof shingles or weather worn roofs are a telltale signal to home buyers that your home is not well maintained. Replace old shingles with architectural shingles that give your roof some depth and dimension. A new roof will provide an instant update to the character and overall look of your home. 

5. Blend any additions 

Make sure that any building expansion to your home doesn’t look like you’ve just added a box to the back or side of your house. Spend time consulting with designers and builders to be certain that the addition will look seamless. Not that anyone will complain about the additional space, but it’s nice to have that addition blend into the original foundation. 

6. Plan new landscaping 

There is nothing more beautiful than a finely manicured lawn full of colorful flowers and well-trimmed shrubs. Updating your current landscaping is a worthy investment to increase the value of your home. Showing prospective buyers a home with property that has well thought out landscaping is a great selling point. 

Surrounding your home with glamorous landscaping is aesthetically pleasing. It enhances a sense of wellbeing.  What’s more, well-designed home landscaping helps reduce erosion, sediment loss, and storm water runoff.  

7. Renovate a room 

Adding a sunroom, renovating your master suite or upgrading your home office are all great ways to increase value. Most home buyers expect the master suite to be an updated, open space cozy and with plenty of closet space. 

The addition of a sunroom is not only great for surviving the winter blues, but the extra space immediately transforms your entire home. A newly updated office space is a good idea because more people are working from home.  

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