Three things to know before you renovate your apartment

Three things to know before you renovate your apartment

You’ve made the decision to do a major renovation in your home. You assemble the entire renovation team, hire a contracting firm, and have all the permits required to get this renovation project completed.  As well, you've prepared for dealing with the owner’s association and your neighbors.  You need to keep them in mind because they'll be around throughout all the construction noise. You’ve even considered any surprises that will be thrown your way. Here are a few more things to know before you renovate. 

1. Timeframe 

Most likely the completion of your renovation will take longer than you planned. Delays are inevitable.  Make sure that you communicate with your contractor and your entire team often so that you understand the renovation time clearly. Being flexible and open to a changing timeline still means you need to hold your team accountable. Do your research and make sure you hire an expert team that you trust and will fulfill their job requirements on time and within your budget. 

2. Alternative housing 

It’s important that you find another place to live during the renovation project. So, include in your budget the cost of alternative housing. Consider the time it takes to pack up your home, too. Think about the time of the year as well so that you’re not faced with the usual increased rental prices during holiday times. 

3. Changing your budget 

Your budget is by far one of the most important elements of your renovation. Be realistic about it. Full transparency with your team will enable you to plan accordingly. Build in some extra funds for surprise expenses or if the project goes a little over budget. Include any permit and insurance costs as well. Experts advise that you should go through your budget with a fine-tooth comb to ensure there are no devastating financial surprises at the end. Be sure to invest in a team that has experience and knows what they are doing to avoid delays that cause your costs to rise.  


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