What you should know about toxic mold. And how to get rid of it.


REAL ESTATE NEWS What you should know about toxic mold. And how to get rid of it.

You may be familiar with mold and you want to avoid it invading your home and becoming toxic. You’ve no doubt seen mold in your sink, seen it trapped in your shower grout or smelled it as it invaded your kitchen sponge. (Note: change kitchen sponges once a month.) Most common mold is easily cleaned and removed with a solution of bleach and water. All mold has the ability to cause sickness, so it is important to always wear face protection and gloves when you clean. Here are some ways to remove and get rid of toxic mold from your home. 

Don’t let mold grow 

Mold grows and thrives in cold, wet, and damp places. So the easy solution is to keep your home warm, dry, and ventilated. In places where water naturally collects like in the bathroom or kitchen, it's important to keep the spaces dry where mold can grow. You can see mold easily form in the tile grout or on shower curtains, so seek to keep your drains clear and not clogged. 

Toxic vs. non-toxic cleaners 

Because mold is already toxic, to clean the mold with a toxic solution inside your home can cause adverse effects to you personally. Thankfully there are natural products to use that won’t cause any further damage to your internal organs. Baking soda is a great alternative to bleach and ammonia, as is vinegar and tea tree oil. You will still need to wear protection over your face, and gloves on your hands, while cleaning the toxic mold even with these more eco-friendly and green products.  

Remove surface mold 

Getting rid of the mold that has collected on surfaces is going to require some elbow grease and patience. If it’s a large area, you can use a pressure washer. In your bathroom or if it’s concentrated on a certain area on a wall, you will need to use a scrub brush to wash it away. Letting the area dry completely will assure that no more mold will grow where you’ve just cleaned, so it’s best to do this during a hot and dry time during the year. If that’s not possible, be sure to have a proper way to completely dry the area that you’ve cleaned. 




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