Which Neighborhoods on Long Island Should Your Family Settle Down In?

Which Neighborhoods on Long Island Should Your Family Settle Down In?

While Long Island has vastly more land mass than New York City, there are almost as many people living on the island as there are in the city proper.

Because home values in the region are more accessible than even remote parts of the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Queens, lots of people decide to settle down there.

Here are just a few of the places you could choose in alphabetical order.


Bellmore is a small hamlet that's on the south shore of Long Island. Found in Nassau County, you'll see that this picturesque region has peace and quiet rivaled by any of the areas on this list.

Living in a waterfront community is a dream of many, and this suburb offers the ideal mix of living by the water while being connected to others. Young millennials are a group that's been growing in the region in recent years.

For families, the school district in Bellmore is well-known as a great one for kids to grow up in. Nearby John F. Kennedy High School is available for Bellmore students to become one of its many well-regarded and notable alumni. With an affordable median home value, this is within reach for most young professionals working in the city.


Commack is a treasured little region that's located in Long Island. The region overlaps with the towns of Smithtown and Huntington. All are part of Suffolk County and connected to the city via the Long Island Rail Road Network.

It's easy to get the job of your dreams while having enough space to live them out in Commack. Access to the region comes through the Northport, Huntington, and Smithtown stations on LIRR.

There's a school district that's well-loved in the area called the Commack Union Free School district with eight schools. The four primary schools, middle school, and high school, are also accompanied by two intermediate schools. 

Commack also contains the Hoyt Farm Nature Preserve, which people from all around Long Island visit throughout the year. With a lower median home value than even the affordable Bellmore, you can get lots of bang for your buck when it comes to space, nature, and community.


Greenport was settled around the time that New York City was settled. It had a history as a shipbuilding and whaling region even after the Revolutionary War.

These days, the harbor has become something a little more out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. With high-end yachts filling the bustling harbor, there are still some smaller fishing boats that connect the area to its history of fishing and whaling.

Talk to anyone in the area, and they'll rave about Greenport. It's consistently rated as a top region for its safety, schools, and environment.

Along the downtown area, you'll find lots of restaurants and cute shops. Long Island's reputation as a great wine region will be proved by the vineyards you can find in Greenport.

With the Greenport Railroad Station, you'll be able to skip the expressway and head into the city whenever you want. While the median home value in the town is slightly higher than Bellmore, the quality of life might be well worth the extra cost.

Lake Ronkonkoma

Brookhaven, Smithtown, and Islip are well-known parts of Long Island, and all of them touch Lake Ronkonkoma. The lovely lake in Suffolk County, officially surrounded by the town of Islip. 

Ronkonkoma is one of the more commonly traveled routes on the LIRR. It's where the Greenport Branch of the LIRR ends in the west. For the Ronkonkoma branch, the stop is the eastern terminus.

This lovely census-designated place is popular in the warmer months, making a lot of people want to buy a home around it. Because of the popularity of living by the ocean, houses by the lake are less expensive than they would be otherwise. 

The park by the lake has baseball fields, basketball, handball, and even a fishing pier. It's also a great place to have a picnic when the weather is nice.

Millennials looking for a home within reach might find this to be on par with some of the less expensive areas all around the state. But few of those places offer a lake as nice as Ronkonkoma's.


When you travel east from Bellmore, you'll run into the lovely Massapequa. It's a small town in Nassau County, but it's got enough people to fill six elementary schools. For older kids, there are a large middle school and a high school. 

This is one of the top reasons you find lots of young families giving Massapequa more life than many of the quiet regions in Long Island. Massapequa has its own railroad station, connecting it to New York City for a quick weekend trip to the city or an evening ball game.

Nature lovers flock to Massapequa in their free time. Explore the Massapequa Preserve at the edge of the hamlet. If you love fishing, Massapequa Cove is an ideal spot to grab the catch of the day while also relaxing in its robust recreational area. 

With a median home listing within reach, this should be on your shortlist of places to consider living on Long Island.


If you've got a little bit of money to spend and want to relax in an upscale region, then Roslyn is the place that you're looking for. The affluent suburb is well-rated and renowned because it's got one to the top-rated school districts in the region. 

Because everyone wants to get into the schools here, the school district has expanded to include seven different communities. The schools in the area teach about 3,000 students at any given point in time.

If you look at the acceptance rates from Roslyn High School to the top schools in the nation, you'll find they're exceptionally high. That's due in no small part to the fact that the average SAT scores are better than students from all across New York State. 

This makes the Roslyn Union Free School District one of the most popular across the state. It includes Roslyn High School and Middle School, East Hills School, Harbor Hill School, and East Hills School.

Driving to Manhattan from Roslyn could be as short as 40 minutes away or as easy as getting to the Roslyn Station. For people who still like to spend time in the city, this is a simple choice. The only issues are the median home price, which can be twice as high as some of the other options on this list.


This isn't the only list in the world that states that Smithtown on Long Island is one of the best towns to live in anywhere in Suffolk County. This north shore town is about halfway across the island, making it just over an hour from the city on a busy day. 

The region is family-friendly and picturesque, with trees lining the residential streets. The town has a high household median income, making it very affluent. However, with it being still only half as expensive of a real estate market as Roslyn, you can get a little more for your dollar here.  

Because the homes are still affordable, many younger families and older millennials have settled down here in recent years.

The Smithtown railroad station keeps the city within reach, even during rush hour. The Hamptons can be reached by just a short drive, which is great for anyone with friends, family, or a second home in the area. Given that Smithtown is still affordable, it could be possible to have a home in the town while having a second place in the Hamptons.

The Central School District has 13 schools, all of which are well-regarded and highly-rated by parents who send their kids there. 

Stony Brook

No list of great places to live in Long Island would be complete without mentioning Stony Brook. 

This north shore hamlet of Suffolk County began as a small farming community before the rest of the region was built out. It later became a resort town for people visiting the northeast or getting away from the city.

It's now both a major tourist area and a hub for education, with one of the biggest branches of SUNY located in Stony Brook.

The Three Village Central School District is a great place for kids to learn, and many then move on to the Stony Brook School and then Stony Brook University to complete their education.

With a quick hop on the LIRR's Stony Brook station, there's fast access to the city. 

For visitors or just a weekend stay-cation, visit the Logn Island Museum of American Art. There's also a lovely preserve called the Avalon Park and Preserve, just a short trip from the town.

With a median home price that rivals the other towns and hamlets on this list, Stony Brook is a smart choice.

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