Why it’s time to take down your gallery wall. 

Why it’s time to take down your gallery wall. 

Gallery walls gained interior design popularity fast, but they’ve become played out. The draw of gallery walls allowed people to curate one wall in their home dedicated to art, sort of like in an art gallery. You can see plenty of #gallerywall posts on Instagram with This trend which turned into another hipster following, has lost its ingenuity.  

What is a gallery wall? 

A gallery wall is a grouping of pictures, typically in groups of odd numbers from 5 - 13 pieces. None of the pictures have too much in common, to go with the eclectic feel and look of this hipster trend. The pictures are framed and hung together on a wall of your choosing, over a couch or another focal point in the room. These groups of pictures are strategically hung in the middle of the wall so there is equal space unused from the floor to pictures and from pictures to ceiling.  

Why people love a gallery wall 

Gallery walls are a way for people to display pictures or art that aren’t necessarily big enough to stand out on their own. Thus, grouping a bunch of photos and pictures together to create a statement was born. With this type of wall, you find a key piece as the focal point and build around it. It has allowed people to be creative and makes a great weekend DIY. 

Why gallery walls are over 

As with with any trend that’s been overexposed and overdone, it’s just time to try something else. This is why it’s called a trend. Many are saying that the ability to group together art pieces into a gallery wall should be left to museum curators and not weekend DIYers.  

What’s next if gallery walls are out? 

Time for the gallery to evolve is now. Go for something more simple and clean. You can try hanging your art from floor to ceiling in same size and color frames in uniform rows for a more minimalist look. Whatever you decide to do with your gallery wall, to keep it or to restructure it, keep in mind trends are just that: trends.  

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