Working Late? New York neighborhoods to live in if you work after dark 

Working Late? New York neighborhoods to live in if you work after dark 

Quality of life is directly linked to the performance of public transportation to provide a reliable, speedy, and safe commute. In New York, the tightest bottleneck is the subway. Delays and unreliable service are frequent. The frustration, inefficiency and lost hours are bad enough for those who work during daytime. If you work at night, good transportation is more critical. 

Two subway stations 

Neighborhoods for an easy commute for night workers can be found near the two busiest subway stations in New York, the busiest hubs in their boroughs, and close to major nighttime employment centers.  

20 minutes to Times Square 

With millions of commuters passing through it every year on its 12 train lines, Times Square-42nd Street is the most-trafficked subway station in New York City. The station’s proximity to various media offices in Times Square, as well as theaters, bars, restaurants, and hotels that define Midtown nightlife, make it a major destination for night workers. 

With access to so many train lines, nighttime workers commuting to Times Square have many practical options in Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx. Topping the list of best neighborhoods is Sunnyside in Queens, which offers an average nighttime commute of 20 minutes. The next best bet is Manhattanville, just 22 minutes from Times Square. 

11 minutes from JFK to Sutphin Boulevard-Archer Avenue 

With nearly 60 million travelers passing through its six terminals, JFK International is the busiest airport in the city. Even for passengers, the airport is notoriously difficult to access by public transportation. Night workers face an even greater hassle. The most convenient subway station to JFK is Sutphin Boulevard-Archer Avenue. 

The top neighborhoods for JFK employees commuting to this station are all in central Queens, with Briarwood ranking first. There, night shift workers will find average nighttime commutes of 11 minutes via the E train. Also ranking high on the list is Jamaica Estates, which offers average commutes of 25 minutes via the Q54 bus. 

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